Get the Loan You Need to Start Your Construction Project

Get the Loan You Need to Start Your Construction Project

Look into construction loans in Flint, MI

Building a new home is expensive, and most people can't pay for their entire project up front. The team at Icon Mortgage can help you with construction loans in Flint, MI. These high-interest, short-term loans are based on your home's projected value after construction. They have flexible terms and are interest-only during construction. This makes them ideal for new home construction and renovation projects.

Don't let money hold you back from getting the home you've always wanted. Ask about construction loans now by calling 810-953-4266.

3 good reasons to choose one-time close construction loans

If you're building a new home, you may want to consider one-time close construction loans. These loans simplify the borrowing process by combining your construction loan and your permanent financing of your home. Many homeowners prefer these loans because:

  1. You only need to qualify once
  2. You'll pay fixed interest rates
  3. Closing costs are reduced

Contact our team today for more information about one-time close construction loans.