Interested in purchasing property "Up North" for recreational or investment purposes. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect with this opportunity:

  • Flexible Credit Requirements: Accommodating to a range of credit profiles, making it accessible to more buyers.
  • Recreational Use: The property can be utilized for recreational activities such as hunting, camping, and other outdoor pursuits. This flexibility allows you to enjoy the property for leisure purposes.
  • Buildable Lots: If you’re looking to develop the property, whether for a vacation home or other structures, buildable lots mean you have the potential to create the space you envision.
  • Income-Producing Potential: Properties with acreage offer the opportunity for income generation, such as leasing for agriculture, timber, or other uses. This can make the investment in the property more financially rewarding.
  • No Acreage Limits (with supported Appraisal): Loan can accommodate properties of various sizes, provided they meet appraisal criteria. Whether you’re interested in a small parcel or a larger tract of land, this flexibility allows you to pursue your ideal property.